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Clifton Adams was born in Comanche, Oklahoma in 1919. He wrote under a few pseudonyms (Clay Randall, Jonathan Gant, and Matt Kinkaid) and won two Spur Awards, Tragg's Choice in 1969 and The Last Days of Wolf Garnett in 1970. He died of a heart attack in San Francisco, California on October 7, 1971. If anyone has any other biographical information, or can correct and update this bibliography, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.


A Noose for the Desperado
(Fawcett Publications, 1951)

A Partnership With Death

Amos Flagg - High Gun

Amos Flagg Rides Out

Badge And Harry Cole, The
(Ace Books, 1971)



Cold Days of Summer

Colonel's Lady, The
(Fawcett Publications, 1952)

(Manor Books, 1973)

Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones
(Ace Books, 1963)

Day of the Gun
(Ballantine Books, 1962)

Death's Sweet Song (as Jonathan Gant)

Desperado, The
(Fawcett Publications, 1950)

Doomsday Creek

Dude Sheriff

Gambling Man

Grabhorn Bounty, The
(Ace Books, 1965)

Hard Time Bunch
(Doubleday, 1973)

Hard Times & Arnie Smith
(Ace Books, 1979)

Hardcase for Hire

Hassle and the Medicine Man

Hogan's Way
(Berkley, 1963)

Hottest Fourth of July in the History of Hangtree County, The
(Berkley, 1964)

Killer In Town
(Dell, 1959)

Killing of Billy Jowett, The

Last Days Wolf Garnett
(Ace Books, 1970)

Law of the Trigger
(Fawcett Publications, 1956)

Lawman's Badge

Legend of Lonnie Hall, The

Long Vendetta, The (as Jonathan Gant)
(Avalon Books, 1963)

Moonlight War, The
(Fawcett Publications, 1963)

Most Dangerous Profession, The
(Award Books, 1967)

Never Say No to a Killer (as Jonathan Gant)
(Ace Books, 1956)

Oceola Kid, The

Once an Outlaw Dual
(Ace Books, 1970)

Outlaw Destiny

Partnership With Death
(Ace Books, 1967)

Reckless Men
(Ace Books, 1962)

Rogue Cowboy

(Ace Books, 1967)

Six-gun Boss (as Clay Randall)
(Pennant, 1953)

Stranger in Town
(Paperback Library, 1962)

Tragg's Choice
(Ace Books, 1969)

Two-gun Law

Whom Gods Destroy
(Fawcett Publications, 1953)

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