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Keith  Robertson was born in Dows, Iowa on May 9, 1914.He joined the Navy in 1931, serving as a destroyer radio man, and during World War II rose to the rank of commander.His first book was published in 1948. Keith Robertson died in Hopewell, New Jersey on 23 September 1991, at the age of 77. You can find his obituary from the New York Times here.

Novels for Young Readers:

Ticktock and Jim
(Viking Press, 1948)

Ticktock and Jim,: Deputy Sheriffs illustrated by Everett Stahl
(Viking Press, 1949)

The Dog Next Door illustrated by Morgan Dennis
(Viking Press, 1950)

The Missing Brother illustrated by Rafaello Busoni
(Viking Press, 1950)

The Lonesome Sorrel
(Viking Press, 1952)

Lost Dog Jerry
(Viking Press, 1952)

Outlaws of the Sourland illustrated by Isami Kashiwagi
(Viking Press, 1953)

The Wreck of the Saginaw
(Viking Press, 1954)

Ice to India
(Viking Press, 1955)

The Phantom Rider illustrated by Jack Weaver
(Viking Press, 1955)

Mascot of the Melroy illustrated by Jack Weaver
(Viking Press, 1956)

The Pilgrim Goose illustrated by Erick Berry
(Viking Press, 1956)

The Pinto Deer
(Viking Press, 1956)

If Wishes Were Horses
(Harper and Row, 1958)

The Navy: From Civilian to Sailor illustrated by Charles Greer
(Viking Press, 1960)

The Year of the Jeep illustrated by W. T. Mars
(Viking Press, 1968)

In Search of a Sandhill Crane
(Viking Press, 1973)

Tales of Myrtle the Turtle illustrated by Peter Parnall
(Viking Press, 1974)

The Henry Reed Series

Henry Reed, Inc. illustrated by
Robert McCloskey
(Viking Press, 1958)

Henry Reed's Journey illustrated by Robert McCloskey
(Viking Press, 1963)

Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service illustrated by Robert McCloskey
(Viking Press, 1966)

Henry Reed's Big Show illustrated by Robert McCloskey
(Viking Press, 1970)

Henry Reed's Think Tank
(Viking Press, 1986)

The Carson Street Detective Agency Series

The Mystery of Burnt Hill
illustrated by Rafaello Busoni
(Viking Press, 1952)

Three Stuffed Owls illustrated by Jack Weaver
(Viking Press, 1954)

The Crow and the Castle illustrated by Robert Greiner
(Viking Press, 1957)

The Money Machine illustrated by George Porter
(Viking Press, 1969)

Novels for Adults (written as Carlton Keith):

The Diamond-Studded Typewriter aka A Gem of a Murder
(Macmillan, 1958)

Missing, Presumed Dead aka The Missing Book-keeper

Rich Uncle
(Crime Club by Doubleday, 1963)

The Hiding Place
(Crime Club by Doubleday, 1965)

The Crayfish Dinner aka The Elusive Epicure
(Crime Club by Doubleday, 1966)

A Taste of Sangria
(Crime Club by Doubleday, 1968)

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