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MacKinlay Kantor was born in Webster City on February 4, 1904. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1956 for his novel Andersonville. His book, Glory for Me was made into the film "The Best Years of Our Lives". The Disney film "Follow Me, Boys" was loosely based on his novel, God and My Country. He died of a heart attack on October 11, 1977 at his home in Sarasota, Florida. If anyone has any other biographical information, or can correct and update this bibliography, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Here is a great article (reprinted from The Armchair Detective, Spring 1997) by John Apostolou that centers on MacKinlay Kantor’s crime fiction: MacKINLAY KANTOR AND THE POLICE NOVEL


Diversey (1928)
El Goes South (1930)
The Jaybird (1932)
Long Remember (1934)
The Voice of Bugle Ann (1935)
Arouse and Beware (1936)
The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1937)
The Noise of Their Wings (1938)
Here Lies Holly Springs (1938)
Valedictory (1939)
Cuba Libre (1940)
Gentle Annie (1942)
Happy Land (1943)
Glory for Me (1945)
Midnight Lace (1948)
The Good Family (1949)
Wicked Water (1949)
One Wild Oat (1950)
Signal Thirty-Two (1950)
Don't Touch Me (1951)
Warwhoop: Two Short Novels of the Frontier (1952)
The Daughter of Bugle Ann (1953)
God and My Country (1954)
Andersonville (1955)
Frontier: Tales of the American Adventure (1959)
The Unseen Witness (1959)
Spirit Lake (1961)
If the South Had Won the Civil War (1961)
Beauty Beast (1968)
I Love You, Irene (1973)
The Children Sing (1974)
Valley Forge (1975)


Turkey in the Straw: A Book of American Ballads and Primitive Verse (1935)

Author's Choice (1944)

Silent Grow the Guns, and Other Tales of the American Civil War (1958)

It's About Crime (1960)

The Gun-Toter, and Other Stories of the Missouri Hills (1963)

Story Teller (1967)


Angleworms on Toast (Illustrated by Kurt Wiese) (1942)

Lee and Grant at Appomattox (Illustrated by Donald McKay) (1950)

Gettysburg (Illustrated by Donald McKay) (1952)

The Work of Saint Francis (Illustrated by Johannes Troyer) (1958)

Non Fiction:

But Look, the Morn: The Story of a Childhood (memoir) (1951)

Lobo (1958)

Mission with LeMay: My Story, by Curtis LeMay with MacKinlay Kantor (1965)

The Day I Met a Lion (1968)

Missouri Bittersweet (1969)

Hamilton County (1970)

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